Journalism students at UK universities are being taught techniques in constructive, solutions-focused journalism for the first time.

Delivered by the Constructive Journalism Project (CJP), the series of one-off workshops aims to introduce students to the concept of constructive journalism and the research that informs it, as well as give practical tips on how students can use the approach to create more balanced reporting.

“Fundamentally, constructive journalism is about uniting a constructive, compassionate mindset with rigorous journalism,” said Seán Dagan Wood, co-founder of the project and editor-in-chief of Positive News. “By applying journalistic skill to looking for potential solutions to problems that society faces, highlighting positive responses and innovation, it’s a way to frame things differently. This gives the journalist new angles on important issues, engages the audience and helps present a fuller picture of truth.”

As well as practical tips, such as using more constructive language in articles and how to write pitches that highlight solutions as well as problems, the workshops also explore emerging research, most recently from the University of Southampton, which suggests that constructive stories can engage audiences more effectively and could be beneficial to reader wellbeing and social participation.

Read the full article on Positive News


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