Gary Alexander’s new book eGaia examines how digital technology could be used to create much deeper changes in society

Taking action to change the world has never been easier.

Right now on Change.org you can show support to free Ghoncheh Ghavami, a British-Iranian women arrested for watching a men’s volleyball match. On 38 Degrees you can sign a petition to get Westminster to keep their post-referendum promises to Scotland. And via Avaaz you can lobby the White House to get bee-harming pesticides banned in the USA. All it takes is an internet connection and the click of a mouse.

But is such a technologically-oriented approach really the answer to creating a better world?

Author Gary Alexander thinks so. In the recently released second edition of his book eGaia, he describes how global communications technology such as social media and mobile apps could hold the key to building a more peaceful and sustainable society.

Read the full article on Open Democracy


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