Permaculture is often associated with agriculture, but now a global network of environmentalists, development professionals and entrepreneurs aims to combine the power of human connections with sustainable design to help rebuild the war-torn Gaza Strip

The Gaza Strip was subjected to its heaviest bombardment in nearly two years during the summer of 2014. The 50-day-long conflict between Israel and Hamas left more than 2,100 Palestinians – mostly civilians – 67 Israeli soldiers and six Israeli civilians dead, along with thousands wounded.

Alice Gray, a permaculture teacher and consultant, has spent much of her time working in Palestine over the past eight years and witnessed the latest attacks from the nearby West Bank. “There’s just no way to describe how horrific it was,” she says. “I’ve seen Gaza bombed four times and this recent one was the worst.”

Although the fighting ended with a ceasefire in August, the devastation remains, and it’s the aftermath that now concerns Gray most. Approximately 20,000 homes were heavily damaged or destroyed, adding to the territory’s already acute housing shortage and as winter approaches an estimated 100,000 of Gaza’s citizens are homeless.

“There’s going to have to be a rebuild and how it’s done is really important,” says Gray.

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