On September 15, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees launched a campaign to eradicate statelessness by 2024, yet in the U.K. political leaders are moving in the opposite direction: seeking greater powers to remove citizenship and identification from potential terror suspects

Before going to the U.K. in 2000, Mohamed Alenezi was stateless. He was not recognized as a citizen of any nation. Despite being born in Kuwait, the government revoked his citizenship and with it his right to education and a passport.

“I came from a Bedouin family and the Bedouin moved in the desert from area to area,” Alenezi said recently. “There were no borders between Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Kuwait so we could go to any place. Then the countries divided and we were inside Kuwait.”

“At the beginning the government offered nationality and gave us papers until 1983. After that the government began to make rules against the Bedouin people. They took our rights and made us stateless.”

Read the full article on Occupy.com


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