The story of how I met the Queen on a hiking holiday in Scotland back in 2008

It was the summer of 2008 and myself and good friend Craig were doing a spot of hiking.

After walking from Ballater and camping in the woods for the night, we headed towards Loch Muick and came across a man standing next to a large 4×4.

He approached us and asked a few simple questions – what are you doing? Where are you going?

We assumed he was a park ranger and thought nothing more of it.

Eventually we came to the lake and a walker’s bothy – a free open house for travellers to stay.

Craig went to find a suitable ‘wee tree’ since a toilet was not one of the bothy’s many features.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a woman outside, strolling by with her dogs.

Suddenly Craig poked his head round the door and in a loud whisper said, ‘the Queen just caught me having a wee!’

Sure enough as I stepped outside there was the security guard we had seen earlier, and beside him, the woman with several dogs.

The Queen stood small and dainty in a green mac and wellies looking decidedly un-royal, but her face and presence were unmistakable.

My memory of the early parts of the conversation is a patchy blur, but I believe we introduced ourselves adequately enough and she began asking us about our trip.

After the initial shock, speaking to her was like speaking to any other passing walker. We told her about camping and after a glance at our muddy boots she said in jest ‘Oh I don’t think that would be my sort of thing.’

She also recommended some walks in the area and introduced us to the corgis.

The conversation could have been half an hour or five minutes, it was hard to tell, but before we knew it, she told us she had to depart to nearby Balmoral.

The dogs were ordered into the boot with the exception of one who insisted on sitting in the front.

The Queen then hopped into the driving seat and sped off.

Read the full article on BBC News


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